1Sa:10:14: And Saulís uncle said unto him and to his servant, Whither went ye?  And he said, To seek the asses: and when we saw that they were no where, we came to Samuel.
1Sa:10:15: And Saulís uncle said, Tell me, I pray thee, what Samuel said unto you.
1Sa:10:16: And Saul said unto his uncle, He told us plainly that the asses were found.  But of the matter of the kingdom, whereof Samuel spake, he told him not.
1Sa:10:17: And Samuel called the people together unto the LORD to Mizpeh;
1Sa:10:18: And said unto the children of Israel, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I brought up Israel out of Egypt, and delivered you out of the hand of the Egyptians, and out of the hand of all kingdoms, and of them that oppressed you:
1Sa:10:19: And ye have this day rejected your God, who himself saved you out of all your adversities and your tribulations; and ye have said unto him, Nay, but set a king over us.  Now therefore present yourselves before the LORD by your tribes, and by your thousands.
1Sa:10:20: And when Samuel had caused all the tribes of Israel to come near, the tribe of Benjamin was taken.
1Sa:10:21: When he had caused the tribe of Benjamin to come near by their families, the family of Matri was taken, and Saul the son of Kish was taken: and when they sought him, he could not be found.
1Sa:10:22: Therefore they enquired of the LORD further, if the man should yet come thither.  And the LORD answered, Behold, he hath hid himself among the stuff.
1Sa:10:23: And they ran and fetched him thence: and when he stood among the people, he was higher than any of the people from his shoulders and upward.
1Sa:10:24: And Samuel said to all the people, See ye him whom the LORD hath chosen, that there is none like him among all the people?  And all the people shouted, and said, God save the king.
1Sa:10:25: Then Samuel told the people the manner of the kingdom, and wrote it in a book, and laid it up before the LORD.  And Samuel sent all the people away, every man to his house.
1Sa:10:26: And Saul also went home to Gibeah; and there went with him a band of men, whose hearts God had touched.
1Sa:10:27: But the children of Belial said, How shall this man save us?  And they despised him, and brought him no presents.  But he held his peace.

Chapter 11

1Sa:11:1: Then Nahash the Ammonite came up, and encamped against Jabesh-gilead: and all the men of Jabesh said unto Nahash, Make a covenant with us, and we will serve thee.
1Sa:11:2: And Nahash the Ammonite answered them, On this condition will I make a covenant with you, that I may thrust out all your right eyes, and lay it for a reproach upon all Israel.
1Sa:11:3: And the elders of Jabesh said unto him, Give us seven daysí respite, that we may send messengers unto all the coasts of Israel: and then, if there be no man to save us, we will come out to thee.
1Sa:11:4: Then came the messengers to Gibeah of Saul, and told the tidings in the ears of the people: and all the people lifted up their voices, and wept.
1Sa:11:5: And, behold, Saul came after the herd out of the field; and Saul said, What aileth the people that they weep?  And they told him the tidings of the men of Jabesh.
1Sa:11:6: And the Spirit of God came upon Saul when he heard those tidings, and his anger was kindled greatly.
1Sa:11:7: And he took a yoke of oxen, and hewed them in pieces, and sent them throughout all the coasts of Israel by the hands of messengers, saying, Whosoever cometh not forth after Saul and after Samuel, so shall it be done unto his oxen.  And the fear of the LORD fell on the people, and they came out with one consent.
1Sa:11:8: And when he numbered them in Bezek, the children of Israel were three hundred thousand, and the men of Judah thirty thousand.
1Sa:11:9: And they said unto the messengers that came, Thus shall ye say unto the men of Jabesh-gilead, To morrow, by that time the sun be hot, ye shall have help.  And the messengers came and shewed it to the men of Jabesh; and they were glad.
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